Your classic black handbag may be your go-to, but what’s the better way to store all your fall essentials than in one of the season’s trendy bags? Since your summer’s basket bag and fruit print tote wouldn’t match your suede boots and coats, keep reading for the biggest handbag trends for fall 2018 to revamp your style.
  1. Animal Print Bags

lace dress with animal print bag and shoes

Animal prints—leopard, zebra, snake, and cheetah—captivate the fall mood with unparalleled glamour and luxury. These head-turning prints actually make a fashion statement, but in the natural world they were designed to blend in rather than stand out.

Do you know that animal prints used to be a symbol of wealth and status? In fact, kings and queens of the past used animal skin rugs to show their power. Also, the elite men and women of society in the 18th century in Europe wore the clothes made from fabrics resembling skins to show their wealth.

According to the experts, the film industry even played an important role to influence fashion with animal prints. Do you still remember the film “Tarzan the Apeman” in 1932? The movie actually used lots of animal print costume designs for the set—and sooner the leopard print’s image evolved into the Western high fashion the 1950s and 1960s.

Nowadays, we usually see the animal prints on classic coats and boots, but donning an animal print handbag is an indulgent way of playing the trend. A great thing, an animal print handbag will act as a neutral in your closet. With our Cobbler Legend Snake Print Crossbody Bag, you’ll never want to carry a basic black bag again.


  1. Geometric Handbags

geometric inspired bag with all white outfit

Have you noticed that proportion was an overarching theme of the fall 2018 bag trends? Whether it’s a box bag, structured bag, pyramid bag, circle bag, or a barrel bag, everything about geometry is in.

In fact, most of us witnessed the experimental structures of handbags on the runways. The focus for fall handbags is shape—and geometric handbags instantly polish your look this season. If you’re looking for the perfect party clutch to add some flair to your upscale dinner dates, our Luxury Box Clutch is the best one for you.

classic fall coat with geometric red bag

You might think of ancient Egypt when we say pyramids, but the architectural bags with funky design and mystical feel were spotted on the Moschino fall runways. Our Pyramid Clutch Wristlet will surely step up your fashion game, and it can accommodate your essentials for the day too.

floral print dress with collared top and circle bag

Circle bags were big in the summer months, but this fall season, expect leather instead of raffia. After all, leather bags are more polished and elegant for the cooler months ahead.


  1. Neon Colored Bags

skinny jeans with breezy top and neon yellow bag

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate bright colors into your style, start with a handbag. If your wardrobe consists of mostly blacks and whites, our Wilicosh Trendy Handbag will add some modern vibe to your outfits while keeping everything sleek and sophisticated.

One of the easiest ways to wear color is to go monochromatic. In color theory, a monochromatic color scheme has a base hue that can be altered by adding white and black. In fact, you can get the tint of a certain hue by adding white—and its shades and tones by adding black.

If you love monochromatic looks, think of wearing the darker shades on your outfit and the brighter shade on your handbag. This way, you’ll look polished without being plain and boring.

If you’re a woman working in a creative workplace, donning a neon-colored bag will show that you’re not afraid to think outside the box, which is great if you’re leading a team. If you want a more cohesive look, then team the color of your handbag with your print.

With neon colored bags, it’s just easy to rock the unexpected color combination trend. The key is to contrast the color of your outfit with your neon colored handbag.

Neon colored handbags can add some spice to your wardrobe, and wearing them is easier than you think. Read our post on “How to Wear Bold Colored Bags” and you’ll elevate your fall looks instantly.


  1. Sparkling Clutches

chic party outfit with metallic clutch

If you’re not a fan of neon colors, go for glittery and metallic shades. In fact, glitter, glamour, and spectacle were the keywords of the fall season—thanks to fashion designers who infused their handbag collections with a festive energy.

Do you know that royals Princess Diana and Kate Middleton take advantage of the classic accessory? While Princess Diana used her clutch to avoid high angle photographs, Kate Middleton holds her clutch with both hands in front of her to avoid awkward handshake situations since etiquette requires a royal to extend their hand to you before you shake hands with them.

If you’re heading to a party with a glitzy theme, our Scione Bejeweled Clutch will surely make your little black dress festive and cool. After all, bejeweled handbags are perfect for an evening of fun and glamour, with a touch of the flapper.


  1. Patent Leather Bags

patent leather handbag with grunge outfit

Trying out some trends can be fun, but if you like to make your fall looks fashion-forward at the same time classy, think of patent leather bags instead.

While leather includes any animal skin that’s been tanned, or soaked in an acidic solution to make it easier to work with, patent leather is made of leather that’s been coated in plastic, varnish, or lacquer to make it shiny.

However, you must know that most patents use vinyl or very inexpensive split hides instead of real leather, which makes a patent leather a kind of finish, not a kind of leather as most of the time there’s usually not even a skin underneath those glossy surfaces.

If you’re looking to incorporate some fall trends into your work wardrobe without looking over-the-top, think of our Luxury Patent Leather Shoulder Bag that will keep you stylish at the same time professional. After all, your fall wardrobe deserves some high shine and elegance.


  1. Furry Handbags

fur bag with knitted cardigan and gray top

Almost no cold season could go without the fur trend, so think of faux fur bags to transition your look this fall. Fur has a warm and comforting feel that effortlessly adds glamour to a cold weather look. Not to mention it keeps you chic even you wear your most bulky outfits.

To embrace the trend in full form, think of our Fur Shoulder Bag that will give the perfect contrast to your fall wardrobe. A great thing, you can wear it with classics, or dress it down with denim ensembles. Yes, a fur handbag is much easier to pull off than a fur coat.

Thankfully, fur handbags got a makeover this season as designers played the material with leather and even crocodile skin. In fact, Danse Lente’s used mixed materials and cool structural shapes make its shoulder totes look a bit grown-up and classy.

Fall season is the perfect time to flaunt your fur handbag, but if you feel like it’s one of those accessories that should be left to your 7-year-old cousin, read our post on “Grown-Up Ways to Style a Fur Bag” and you’ll make the trend work for you.


  1. Tassel and Fringe Bags

 eclectic outfit with fringe clutch and metallic sneakers

This fall is the perfect season to embrace earthy tones—think of rust, mustard, red-orange, brown, burgundy, and tan—along with suede ensembles and bohemian-inspired handbags. Fringe and tassels were all the rage last summer, and if you’re not ready to give them up just yet, don your festive handbags this fall.

Do you know that tassels used to be a symbol of luxury and luck? In fact, in the ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, tassels were worn as amulets on headdresses to protect the wearer from evil spirits. On the other hand, tassels showed status in royalty, church, and military in Europe.

Indeed, tassels have a luxe legacy so fashion designers are incorporating them into their fall collections. Nowadays, we can see them as an ornament to your leather jackets, suede boots, and handbags.

If you love bohemian and Western-inspired style, then fringe handbags will add some 70s vibe to your statement. Our Hongu Sling Bag is a great start to bring the element of seventies look into your everyday style without going head-to-toe bohemian.


  1. Logo Handbags

patent leather skirt with logo bag

Have you noticed that brands are stamping their iconic monograms on clothes, shoes, and bags? From the runways to the street style scene, logomania is officially back.

In fact, the labels on handbags ranged in size from minis to loud and proud. While Balenciaga sent models out carrying bags with neon yellow labels, Balmain released a bold pop art black and white number that’s unabashedly logoed.

If you think designer bags are too much for your budget, think of our Novelty Print Clutch that will let you rock the trend this season without breaking the bank. A great thing, it will go with everything in your closet.


  1. Bags with Chain Straps

chain bag with classic black and white outfit

Your crossbody bags will never be the same thanks to creative designers who gave their handbag some statement on the details.

In fact, Tom Ford and Versace presented chain strap bags on the Fall 2018 runways, as well as Michael Kors who mixed traditional gold hardware with leather for his bag’s straps.

This 2018 version of chain handles is more oversized and edgy, but if you still love that classic style you’ve seen for decades, opt for our Quilted Messenger Bag. After all, that dainty metal strap has a traditional feel and is perfect for the evening glamour.

This season, fashion is offering up handbags in geometric shapes, eccentric materials, and with stand-out details—and by shopping for our handbag collection, you’ll make 2018 your most stylish year yet.



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