A classic black satchel is a timeless accessory that can take you anywhere, but a bold statement will never be complete without the trendy bags. If you’re on the hunt for a new accessory to refresh your looks, keep on reading for a few bag trends that are making their mark, so you’ll add some trendy flair to your style.

Mini Bag

Mini bag for women


Anything in miniature size is instantly more adorable, and a mini bag will keep your street looks effortless yet chic. It’s a cross between a clutch and an accessory, so better opt for bold shades to add some pop of color to your outfits.

If you usually take just the most important things while being out, this little bag is perfect—it has enough room for your favorite lipstick, phone, and a credit card—otherwise, you need to redefine what counts as everyday essentials.

A great thing, this style of bags are designed to be worn around the wrist or neck, so you can just let it cross your body for an effortless vibe, or carry it in your hand for a ladylike appeal. Yes, these small bags can make a big statement!

Oversized Bag

Oversized bag for women


duffel bag with chic travel outfit


On contrary to mini bags, oversized bag trend is all about the bigger the better. If you’re a woman on-the-go that’s constantly carrying your life around in your bag, then you’ll love this practical trend for work, weekend, and travel.

Practical it may be for some to bring two bags in one hand, and another in the other, but going for an oversized bag might be the more practical, yet stylish choice.

If you underestimate the storage capacity of the oversized bag, think again. Long clutches, oversized totes, and duffel bags are some of the stylish bags that can store all your essentials. The days of carrying unappealing larger-than-life bags are now an occurrence of the past.

If you don’t want to look like a weekender on your street looks, keep everything intentional by teaming your bag with your outfit so you’ll get a cohesive look.

Fringe and Tassel Bags

Fringed bag for women


fringe bag with peasant dress


If you love bohemian and Western-inspired style, fringe and tassel bags will add some seventies flair to your statement.

Going to a music festival is the perfect time to don your fringe bag, but keep everything chic with a breezy peasant dress and block heeled sandals. To avoid looking like you’ve roamed a little far from your home on the range, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Wearing a white dress and heels with our Bowling Bag with Tassel will give you a carefree, yet modern style.

Geometric Shaped Bags

Geometric shaped bags for women


structured bag with office outfit


If you’re more into a modern, trendy look, go for geometric shaped bags. Trapezoid-shaped handbags can add a futuristic look to what you wear, while rounded bags can give you a sassy, sweet look.

A great thing, this trend is one of the few bag trends that will work in the office—simply opt for a structured bag in a geometric shape like our Modern Trapeze Shoulder Bag that will add some flair to your classic coats and straight leg pants. From hitting the streets to a creative office statement, this bag trend can do it all.

Ring Bags

Geometric shaped bag with ring handle for womenring bag with casual chic outfit

Simple details can transform your typical look into a more fashion-forward statement without overwhelming your style. Lately, geometric and architectural trends have taken more prominent roles on bag styles including silhouettes, non-functional embellishments, and prints.

Right now, handbags with ring handles are on-trend, and they can give you a minimalist, modern feel. As well as the added functional aspect, you may opt for a crossbody style ring bag, or simply carry our Ring Tote Bag under your arm all day.

Drawstring Bucket Bags

Drawstring bucket bag for women
sweater dress with drawstring bag
edgy urban outfit with bucket bag

Drawstring bags might have a bad reputation of grotesque-looking shapeless plastic in tacky colors, but they have evolved into something more chic and convenient.

If you want a romantic, feminine look, go for bucket bags in pastel colors and fancy prints like our Drawstring Bucket Bag can be perfect for a date or a girl’s night out, while a black leather drawstring bag with studs will give you an edgy statement.

If you’re a woman on-the-go, drawstring bags can be the easiest ones to pick up and throw on your couch, while elevating your style into a full blown fashion.

Metallic Bags

metallic bag with cool outfitMetalic bag with bold statement for women

trendy outfit with metallic clutch


Once considered a dangerous choice, metallic bags, especially in the shades of gunmetal, silver and gold became a statement accessory of a modern woman.

A great thing, metallic shades of silver and gold also act as a neutral, so they’ll go well with anything in your wardrobe. If you can’t stay away from your favorite pair of jeans and casual top, then this shiny bag can be the perfect addition to your looks.

If you’re looking for a fashion-forward night out style, think of teaming your metallic silver bag with your heels, giving you a trendy yet cohesive style. You might also want to read our post on “How to Make a Style Statement with Metallic Bags”, so you’ll make your modern accessory fashion-forward and more personal.

Here are some of a few bag trends that deserve a place in every woman’s closet. So, cop these bags now and you’ll add the perfect dose of cool to your ensemble, while making a bold statement effortlessly.



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