Accessorizing is an art, so when choosing a bag to match your outfit, be creative and expressive. We all know that a classic handbag will take you everywhere, but it wouldn’t hurt to spice up your everyday style a bit with more creative handbag options and handy fashion tricks. So, if you find getting dressed in the morning a bit of a chore, keep on reading for our guide so you’ll pick the perfect bag for your outfit stylishly.

Dress for the occasion.

black dress with elegant box clutch

office outfit with chic bag

When selecting the perfect bag for your outfit, you must consider what you have planned for the day and put that into your ensemble.

If you are going to a party, an oversized handbag can ruin your look, so better opt for an elegant clutch that will keep you classy and sophisticated in the evening.

When it comes to casual weekends, you can go for more relaxed yet stylish options like crossbody bags, backpack, and even tote bags that will look great with your tee and jeans.

A woman working in a corporate office should go for structured shoulder bags that will look polished and professional, over hobo bags that look slouchy. Also, there is no point in carrying a clutch-sized bag and trying to stuff things in it that just don’t fit.

Instead of carrying two handbags at work, select a bigger handbag that will fit all your work essentials, especially your laptop, notebook, and some handy documents. If you have an important business meeting on the schedule, go for a more sophisticated handbag like our Crocodile Patterned Satchel Bag to make your clients take you seriously.


Add some pop of color to a monochromatic outfit with your bag.

casual outfit with bold colored bag

urban outfit with cobalt blue handbag

It might feel easier to reach for black and white, but incorporating bold colors is a great way to have fun with your style, especially if you have a closet full of neutrals.

If you’re unsure how to pull of bright colors in your outfit, then start with a bold colored bag. You may start small by choosing bags in the colors that you love, or pick jewel tones like sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, emerald green and such that will still look classy over neon shades.

Our Modern Classic Business Bag will look classy at the same time trendy with an all-black outfit of skinny jeans and leather trimmed dress.


Pick one color from your outfit or accessories to match with your bag.

leopard pants with chic top and handbag

casual chic outfit with lavender satchel bag

blue and red outfit with handbag

If you want a coordinating look, simply match your bag with one color from your outfit—a lavender bag with a lavender tank top and navy denim skirt—or match it with the color of your accessory.

Do you like to match your shoes with your bag? If you can’t wear bold colored shoes with a bold colored bag, you can still complete your look with your belts, scarves, and even jewelry.

This styling trick will create a more polished yet lively look, especially in conservative settings like workplace, church, and weddings.


Get a cohesive look by teaming your bag with your color scheme.

monochromatic outfit with color blocked bag

creative outfit with hot pink bag

A monochromatic look is a great style trick to make you look leaner and taller—and it doesn’t always call for a head-to-toe black or white outfit.

Going for the same color or even different shades of the color will work too. For instance, you may opt for different shades of blue like cobalt blue, navy, royal blue, pastel blue and such in your outfit and accessories that will look creative.

If you feel a head-to-toe red outfit looks over-the-top, go for a darker red shade on your dress, a light pink bag like our Satchel Bag, and perhaps a printed top within your color scheme.


Wear an unexpected color combination for a trendy look.

red and pink outfit with handbag

trendy outfit with sling bag

If you want to step outside the neutral box, think of wearing unexpected color combination to punch up your style.

Wearing pink with red used to be a fashion faux pas, but nowadays, it looks trendy. All you need is to make the look intentional by going for a red clutch and shoes that will put your outfit together.

If rainbow colors make you happy, then make rainbows with a color blocked outfit, along with your bag and shoes, making your street style more creative and personal.


Set the tone of your look with your bag.

graphic print jumpsuit with yin yang clutch

eclectic outfit with embellished basket bag

casual outfit with sling bag

Whether it’s for work or for play, a fun and quirky handbag can be the best way to get you through the day. If you wish to get that artistic look, complement your geometric print outfit with a rounded yin yang clutch that looks more creative over a plain shoulder bag.

Wearing a bold, embellished design handbag with equally bold printed skirt will easily make you stand out. This styling trick will also work if you wish for a feminine style—think of a pastel pink dress, a floral print bag, fancy jewelry, and classic pumps that will complete your look.

Now that you know how to pick the perfect bag for your outfit, check our post on “How to Pick the Right Bag for Every Occasion” so you’ll be the best dressed girl every time. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to pick the perfect bag for your outfit stylishly, and make a bold fashion statement every time.



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