Handbags are the perfect fashion accessory—it elevates your outfits instantly and adds some personality to your looks. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate bright colors into your style, start with your bag. Bold colored bags can bring more versatility to your wardrobe, and wearing them is easier than you think. So, keep scrolling on how to wear bold colored bags and you’ll add some fun to your looks.

Spice up your neutral outfits with a bold colored bag.



If you’re working in a conservative office, your strict dress code might call for a neutral suit, but you can still try a bright bag as a splash of color. Just opt for a structured leather bag that can keep you sleek and professional. Going for bold colored bags can show that you’re not afraid to think outside the box, which is great if you’re leading a team. Just go for one of that can be worn from the office to after-work drinks, extending the versatility of your handbag.

If you wish to add some modern vibe to your casual chic outfits, team them with a bold colored bag. A neon yellow bag worn with a black dress will give you a striking statement, while keeping everything perky and sophisticated. Remember, neutral shades will add a sense of sophistication to the upbeat hues, so don’t fear a bright bag.

Get a creative monochromatic statement or a cohesive look by teaming your bag with the color of your outfit. Browse BagPrime for a wonderful selection of handbags, totes, and clutches today!



If you’re just starting to incorporate colors into your style, start with a monochromatic outfit, preferably your favorite color. However, when it comes to bright shades, a monochromatic look can be more difficult to pull off, so better opt for darker shades on your outfit and a brighter shade on your bag. For instance, you may think of wearing a pink bag with a dark red outfit—pink is just a tint of red so you’ll still get a monochromatic outfit.

In color theory, a monochromatic color scheme consists of a base hue that’s extended using its shades, tones, and tints. While you can get the tint of a single hue by adding white, you’ll get the shades and tones of a single hue by adding a darker color like gray or black. A bold pink bag is also great if you like to embrace being girly in your style, and opt for a red outfit for an unapologetically feminine look. For a casual look, bold red jeans teamed with a bold red bag can steal the show. Consider ordering our Esufeir Vintage Satchel Bag

Team the color of your bag with your print.



If you’re heading to a Sunday brunch or a lunch date, a bold colored tote bag or satchel is perfect. It will look feminine and sweet with your printed outfits. Just match the color of your bag with your print so you’ll get a cohesive look. If you think a neon yellow bag is quite blinding for the day, opt for a pastel one that will look romantic with a floral print tea dress and nude pumps. For a daring statement, go for a statement-making print on your dress that matches the color of your bag and shoes.

Dare to wear the unexpected color combination with your bag.



The weekend may be the time you want to wear your most comfy outfits, grab your bag, and run out the door, but it doesn’t hurt to get a bit creative on your street looks. If you wish for a comfy yet statement-making looks, dare to wear the unexpected color combinations like pink and yellow, orange and red, blue and green and such. For a polished yet trendy look, go for a bold colored coat and contrast the color of your bag with it.

Get a trendy style by wearing your bold colored bag with contrasting color and print.



A brightly colored bag can set the mood and liven up your weekend style. For a fashion-forward, yet a bit unexpected statement, contrast the color of your bag with the color and prints of your outfit. This style trick will surely make you stand out from the crowd. All you need is a little creativity and confidence to wear it.  

A green handbag may seem intimidating to wear, but you can actually pull it off with a printed yellow dress. Just think of a forest color scheme of green trees, yellow sun, and even brown oaks that will give you a creative style. In fact, this color combination will look better than an all-green outfit with matching accessories. Just feel free to explore color and print combinations that work for your style and personality.

Black and tan bags are practical, but bold colored bags can brighten your outfit, add some personality to your look, and make a style statement effortless. For the best selection of women’s shoulder bags, totes, satchels, and clutches, shop BagPrime today!